Saturday, September 1, 2012

Metallers Instanzia Show How Progressive Metal and Epic Metal Should Be Played


INSTANZIA - Ghosts Metalodic

This melodic, progressive metal quartet, going by the name of Instanzia hail from the frozen and icy landscapes of Montreal, Quebec. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of Rhapsody Of Fire and one time singer (DC Cooper) of melodic rockers Royal Hunt. Instanzia's style of progressive/melodic metal can be described as a fine mixture of finely refined epic proportions blended in with progressive influences to give an interesting character and charm to their music.

Singer Alexis Woodbury sings from his soul, with so much conviction and emotion, you can't help but feel his pain. Yes, this is for real, people, this is not your average run-of-the-mill heavy metal group.

Woodbury's solid harmonies and superb arrangements let the music breathe here as it does not sound so overbearing and achieves a tasteful balance among all eight tracks found on their debut CD, "Ghosts".

There is something about his vocals, which gives Instanzia's music so much depth and feeling you can immerse your ears into. Moreover, for those of you into heaviness, this album has tons of heavy guitar rhythms and double bass passages that'll make your head bang out of control. Now, if you prefer melodic riffs and articulately structured lead runs, you're in for one hell of a treat here. Their solos are breathtaking to a certain degree (nothing like virtuoso guitarists Yngwie Malmsteen or Paul Gilbert), and will definitely throw your auditory senses in for a cool tailspin. This is something your ear drums will dance and beat to, so prepare to experience some of the best progressive and melodic metal to come from Canadian shores in a long while.

In addition, to their unique musicianship and interesting song arrangements, their album art, of course, ridden with "Ghosts" will send chills down your spine as well. With almost one hours worth of music on this disc, you're not going to be disappointed especially if you love groups like Dream Theater, Savatage, Iced Earth, Firewind, Judas Priest, and even early Metallica too.

Personally, I was very impressed with this young band's first studio outing, and the future only seems very, very promising for this Canadian heavy, progressive metal foursome.

Here are the eight songs featured on this CD: "Omen", "Ghosts Of The Past", "Power Of The Mind", "Charmin Deceiver", "Heaven Hell", "A Genius Who Believes", "The Key" and "The Desert Fox."

My favorite of all eight numbers featured here is "A Genius Who Believes" with its head banging rhythms intertwined with majestic synthesizer episodes and vocals that'll take you back to your dark past - yes this song is eerie but it is one of the stand out tracks here. "Ghosts" is an excellent release and should not be passed up as it will rock your world.

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Finding Paint Code - How to on Toyota Vehicles


Where do I find my paint code for touch up paint?

To find your late model Toyota paint code is easy: Look for the black or white door sticker which contains your vehicles VIN (vehicle identification number). This sticker will be on the driver's door jamb, not the door itself. When you look at the sticker look to the bottom left, you will see the letters C/TR. Beneath or to the side of them you will find a 3 digit code then another code. The first 3 digit code is your color code. Easy!

Just some side info on VIN stickers:

The first three digits or "characters" are the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) this helps tell where the car or truck was made. A lot of folks used to check the VIN on Toyota cars for the "J" in the VIN to make sure they were getting a Japanese Toyota

The first character tells the nation of origin, or the final point of assembly. Instance, cars made in the U.S. start with 1, 4 or 5, Canada is 2, Mexico is 3 and Japan is J.

The second character is "T" for the manufacturer: Toyota.

The third character indicates the vehicle's type or manufacturing division. Different codes for different factories.

Vehicle Descriptor Section:

Characters four through nine are the Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS).

Characters four through eight tell you about the car or truck, things like model, body type, safety restraint system, transmission type, and engine code.

Character nine, the "check" digit, is used to detect invalid VINs based on a way complicated mathematical formula that was developed by the US Dept of Transportation.

Vehicle Identifier Section:

Digits 10 through 17 make up the Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS).

Character ten tells the model year. The letters from B-X correspond to the model years starting with 1981, with X bringing up the rear with 2000; model years 2001 and up are indicated with numbers, starting with the number 1. There is no I, O, Q, U or Z. Confused? Here's a list of the model years: B=81, C=82, D=83, E=84, F=85, G=86, H=87, J=88, K=89, L=90, M=91, N=92, P=93, R=94, S=95, T=96, V=97, W=98, X=99, Y=00, 1=01, 2=02, 3=03, 4=04, 5=05, 6=06, 7=07, 8=08, 9=09, A=2010.

The letter or number in position 11 tells which manufacturing plant in which the vehicle was assembled. Each automaker has its own set of plant codes.

The last 6 digits (positions 12 through 17) are the production sequence numbers. This is the number given to your car on the assembly line.

Thanks for the read!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Ensure Dissatisfaction is a Key to Success


In the important areas of our lives, dissatisfaction is a positive - a way to constantly improve. At the same time, dissatisfaction has its limitations. Applying dissatisfaction to many areas of life just leads to frustration and regret.

In my first job, as a salesman with Procter and Gamble, at the annual sales meeting the Vice President of Sales got up and gave a speech on "divine discontent." He told us we should never be satisfied with what is, we should always be striving for more, we should be aiming for the stars. We all got up and cheered and applauded. That was years ago, and the message in that speech has always stuck with me. He was right - being content with the status quo as a salesman is a recipe for failure.

We are constantly given the message that to stay in place is to lose ground; that today is all we have; that the future can be better, if we make it so. Those are all terrific messages and beliefs, and shape the behaviors and motivators of achievers.

But taken too far, those messages and beliefs can become a trap that can lead to all kinds of problems. Problems that grow out of the habit of thought called dissatisfaction. And that dissatisfaction - that habit of thought that can be so positively powerful, can lead to failure, dropping out, leaving things unfinished, procrastination, perfectionism and constant frustration.

In the new Woody Allen movie, " Vicky Cristina Barcelona," in a very intense scene, Maria Elena, Penelope Cruz's character, accuses Cristina, Scarlett Johannson's character, of being addicted to dissatisfaction.

"Addicted to Dissatisfaction." What a great description! That state of mind where everything can be better - or different. That place where whatever is being done is not good enough. Where there is always something more important, more exciting, more fulfilling, more valuable, more rewarding. It's being in that emotional place where nothing seems to be right, where everything is just a little bit off, a little bit less than desired.

We've all met people who seem to focus only on what didn't happen, what wasn't just right, what didn't meet standards, what was a little off balance. Their dissatisfaction just sucks the life out of whatever it is they have focused on.

And when dissatisfaction extends to the unimportant areas, and it's easy for that to happen, dissatisfaction becomes a destructive force. And recognizing that it has happened is often difficult. But "Addiction to Dissatisfaction"can negatively affect relationships, performance, health.

How to focus dissatisfaction on the important few, and adopt a more tolerant approach to the unimportant many - to get rid of an "Addiction To Dissatisfaction"?

The first step is recognizing the symptoms. Here are ten key symptoms of "Addiction To Dissatisfaction.".

1 - Being unable to separate the really important from the not really important. Treating everything the same, with the same intensity and focus.

2 - Increasing a performance expectation as soon as soon as the old expectation is met - without regard to its real importance.

3 - Criticizing yourself for not doing more - whatever that means. And then extending that criticism to other people, situations and solutions.

4 - Finding it difficult if not impossible to celebrate victories because they fall short of the ideal.

5 - Considering "good enough" to be unacceptable performance - on anything.

6 - Being convinced that you could have done much better if you had more time, more training, more focus, more resources. Feeling that what you did wasn't your best work.

7 - Feeling that the people you associate with, work with, live with are not quite up to snuff, Not quite what you imagined, not quite what you expected, not quite what you hoped for.

8 - Striving for the ideal solution, behavior, outcome, and being satisfied with nothing less, without measuring the importance.

9 - Judging accomplishment against the ideal, and finding fault with the difference between the two - without evaluating the importance of the difference - or the accomplishment.

10 - Thinking that there are more important things to be done than what is being done now - without being able to really define what those more important things are.

Once recognized, how can you overcome this Addiction to Dissatisfaction while keeping dissatisfaction as a key to improvement in the important things?

It starts with being aware that this habit of thought is imbedded in motivators and behaviors. Start by reviewing the key symptoms, and determine if they describe you. You can't fix something that you don't know exists on a conscious level.

And then:
- Treat only the very few really important things as worthy of constant striving. Constant striving on everything just leads to never doing anything very well.

- Realize and accept that "good enough" ain't bad - almost all of the time.

- Create SMART goals - for only the few important things and be satisfied with meeting the goals and then celebrate meeting them. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, Time framed.

- Create goals that align with the goals of others who have influence over what you consider important - like your job. Continue to resist the very human impulse to add goals - keep the truly important to 3 to 5 goals - no more.

- Understand and accept that "meeting goals" for SMART goals is excellent performance.

- Beware of goal creep - that self inflicted monster that keeps moving the bar higher and higher - even when it makes little if any sense.

- Accept that there are areas in your life where performance is not what it is in the core areas - that doesn't mean failure - it means being human.

- Be as focused as that fabled fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. In one scene he tells his assistant, Dr Watson, that he doesn't care if the moon goes around the sun or the earth goes around the sun. It makes no difference to him - all that knowledge could do to him would be to divert him from his truly important work. That work - in his case - is being the best detective he can be. Focus works to brush aside dissatisfaction with the trivial many.

Then keep striving - on the few things where striving will make a difference. Watch that Addiction To Dissatisfaction disappear, and be replaced by effective, focused accomplishment.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Growing Your Business Through Social Media


There is a new hype about advertising and spreading the word about your business. Old fashioned advertising doesn't work, at least not like it used to. Placing an ad in the newspaper is just not enough. Now you put it in front of millions of people through social media marketing networks, and it is archived for years to come.

So, what is social media and how does it work? In short how can you use social media to grow your business?

Social Media is an interaction through web-based and mobile technologies; it is all those sites we use for fun and for business: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on. Having a business advertised is no longer one-way and static technology; now you can create and distribute your content through the web using various social media options. Whilst there are potential costs, in the main it is free, not time consuming, easily accessible and interactive. Though simple as it is, it's crucial that you invest some time and skills to work it to your advantage. One of the main attractions of social media in growing your business is that it gives small businesses and entrepreneurs the equal opportunity to make a big name along side already existing large and well-known corporations.

Social media comes in many forms - blog, microblog, social networks, media-sharing sites, social bookmarking and voting sites, review sites, forums and virtual worlds are only some of the most popular.

A blog is best described as writing articles or posts. Its software allows different social features that include blogrolls, subscriptions and comments making it ideal for marketing purposes.

Through blogs, a company speaks to its customers about the new and cool things it does. Posts are what make the blogs; they can be any length from few words to many pages but to make the most of it, sticking to one topic is crucial. The most important element of blogging is consistency. Making sure that you blog regularly by setting a clear goal of posting either daily, or weekly for a whole year. Long posts have to be structured in such a way that they include scannable items like images, lists and subheadings. Use comments made by readers as positive or negative feedback. Use permalinks or permanent links to link your blog to other social media platforms. Making sure your site image establishes authority, themes and designs as well as content is what attracts readers and makes your blog trustworthy to read regularly. Getting to know other bloggers in associated industries or your area of expertise increases visibility of your own blog. Use them to help grow your business.

Micro blogging is type of blogging that limits the size of posts to a certain number of characters. The best known is Twitter, which has a limit of 140 characters. It is easy to use and requires little investment of time, but it quickly creates buzz and insight. Through micro blogging you can promote your other social media content, which contains more news and information, informs about new blog posts and keep your readers in the know about your business. Having a good avatar and bio ensures an optimized following and tweeting, allowing the people you already know to tweet about your business for others that may be interested in your business news.

Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn allows you to build direct and personal relationships with your customers. While for people it is customary to create profiles, a company should create pages. Social networks offer a wide range of special features, which are important to use in order to have the best possible introduction of your company's business. Make sure that you don't just rebuild your website, offer content that is exclusive for social network. Interaction is the key component to all social media, through social networks your customers can create content about your company making it organic and more convincing. Another step to help grow your business.

Media sharing are sites that allow users to upload and share multimedia content. Available today through a wide range of digital cameras and camcorders, media-sharing has become extremely popular. Most known sites for media sharing are YouTube and Flickr.

In short, with media sharing you can grow your business by creating and distributing multimedia content to millions of viewers. As with all other social media, it is important to create a name that is short and easily searchable, high quality and eye-catching content making it likable to viewers and in the top of the media sharing search options

To summarize, whichever is your preferred social media, be it one or all interconnected, the key ingredients to utilise them to grow your business, is to have a clear plan of what and how will you attract consumers to your company, creating interesting and engaging content that makes consumers want to interact through commenting on, or recommending it and therefore spreading the word on your business.

Your customers are using social media as is your competition. With almost no cost, easy to get started, it can make an enormous financial impact on your business.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Decorate Your Home in the Greatest Way


Whether you have just moved into a new home, or you are in the process of building your dream house, or perhaps it is an investment property that you want to make as attractive as possible: the interior designing can be one of the most exciting aspects of your new home and you should make the most of the opportunity. Here are some ideas to help inspire you to decorate your home to impress.

1. Floors.
It's one of the most essential aspects of the design and feel of your home. Depending on what is already there, you need to decide whether you want to rip up the old carpet and find out what's underneath, polish and maintain those gorgeous wooden floors, or lay down new carpet.

Wooden floors look great but remember it can make the house a little cooler come the winter months, and you do need to be careful to maintain the polish and watch out for high heels and scuffing. At the same time, you no longer have to be afraid of staining the carpet, and wooden floors can add character to a home without being too overpowering.

When selecting carpet, think about whether this will be the same throughout the entire house, and decide whether you want to make a statement or keep it neutral. Blood red carpet could look fabulous but will limit your choice of other furnishings. A tan colour can be the easiest to maintain and will work well with most other colour schemes.

2. Walls.
Are you going to paint or will you use wallpaper?

Wallpaper has been making a comeback lately and there are some really exciting trends that could help you with inspiration for the overall look of your house - so don't scratch off the possibility straight away.

Of course if you have quite a damp house or you are planning to use wallpaper in the bathroom, just remember that too much moisture can cause wallpaper to peel - which is not an attractive look anywhere!

Painting means you will be able to redo the walls at any time in the future and not have to worry about what's underneath. It can also provide you with a great canvas for hanging artwork or prints if you so wish.

Painted walls are also easier to refresh if you want to keep your property investment looking cutting edge - you won't have to worry about stripping off old paper, or not being able to find the same colour to match.

3. Furniture.
One of the most exciting aspects of your home decorating! Shop around, research online and head to old auction houses or boutiques because you never know where you might find your signature couch or other piece of furniture.

If you wanted to be particularly creative and perhaps your budget is a bit tight, you can go on the look out for cheap chairs and other furnishings that you can then paint or do-up yourself.

They may not match each other perfectly, but you can add your own touches so that they flow anyway; for example, you could use the same fabric on all the dining chair cushions even though all the chairs themselves are different. They will look like part of a deliberately eclectic set.

4. Statement pieces.
If you don't want to go full on with the walls, floors and furniture, choosing a few statement pieces will help make your home look fabulous. You might opt for a gorgeous rug, a large antique mirror, a signature art piece, a bunch of cute prints or perhaps even an oriental screen of some sort.

Lighting, curtains, bookcases and other such basic items can also provide an opportunity for you to wow your visitors. It isn't often that you redecorate so you really need to make sure you use this opportunity the best you can!

5. Garden.
Now, this may not count as "interior" designing, but it is what you will see when you look out your window every morning. Why not create a fantastic view if you can?

Spending time designing the garden doesn't just have to be for visual pleasure, but can be functional as well - having your own herb garden can be very practical and will save you time and money.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Be a Girl Magnet


What do women see really attractive in men? This is one of the toughest questions all scholars, philosophers, poets and psychologists have attempted to answer over time. Later on you will see fantastic suggestions that may help you in getting women much better and faster. Attempt to adhere to these guidelines and find out how your world will convert and ladies will start to notice your attractiveness.

The first golden tip is be stylish, clean and organized. Initial attraction of women is based on men's physical appearance.

Next thing to consider is your character. Make sure you are honest, trustworthy and very sincere man. Have these traits and you will definitely rule the feminine world. Another tip is to try to be fit and look strong and muscular. Women love the feeling of being protected all the time. You will get extra points when she sees you can survive challenges that may come your way.

We are now on the fourth tip. This one is focusing the importance of your smile. A nice and manly smile can definitely make your climb higher in impressing a girl. It is a big turn on for women when they see a natural and balance smile from a man. Another thing to keep in mind is to always look natural. Women do not want to see a man's body waxed with manicure and pedicure. They prefer masculine appearance. They also love men with confidence and that is self-driven too. Majority of women like to be controlled, they find it very sexy. Paying attention in improving your humor will be a great factor too in attracting women. Intelligence plus a pleasant sense of humor will never be ignored by women.

Another secret thing that men do not know is women like kid lovers. They adore men that can get along well with kids. Men that are good in this must be very loving and affectionate. Another thing guys, excessive drinking and smoking is not only bad for your health but it is also bad in your image as well. It is a huge turn off for almost one hundred percent of women. You might as well indulge in other productive things like focusing on your career. Women love hard working men. They adore this quality so much; they sense an accomplished man easily.

Make these tips your special guideline and impress women easier even in the first meeting. Continue following these and learn the art of attracting women naturally. Hopefully you can get the woman you desire the most and end up very happy and fulfilled in your pursuit to a promising love life.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Remove My Security Shield and Make PC Faster Again


When we go for the security applications then there are many applications that are available on market that are challenging. They have the perfect defense technique from the all the latest and dangerous threats including all the virus, Malware, root kits and all other different kinds of potential threats. One of the program that lies in this category is the My Security Shield which is a new version of infamous security master AV Trojan. If you examine it closely then will find that this application uses those same methods that are earlier used by its predecessor, that namely have the ability to disable your existing ativirus and other Malware removal products.

Not only this it is also capable to disable the windows Task manager so that you will be unable to kill those process that are taking too much memory of PC or that are useless but still running. Since My Security Shield uses the random process names, therefore it is very difficult to detect and even if you are able to get an antivirus product up and running. So better is to remove My Security Shield and use some better solutions since there are many available options present.

Till now it is not clear why it occurs but if a product disables the Windows Task Manager then it can not said to be a windows supporting application. If you are not getting this problem then you are a lucky one. Consider a situation with the My Security Shield:

  1. Go to Run and type Shell:Common app data. This will open the Application Data Folder
  2. You can check out a randomly named folder that normally comprised of letters and numbers such as 6ba44d2 or similar
  3. Open the folder and locate the file that starts with 'SM' followed by some random numbers and characters. Ex: SM6b45_223.exe
  4. Rename that file from exe to old. i.e. from 'SM6b45_223.exe' to 'SM6b45_223.old'
  5. Now restart Computer
  6. Update your existing antivirus and run full scan

This SM6b45_223.exe is an infected process and it is randomly named and can be different on your computer but most of them start with "SM". If you are having problem due to the My Security Shield then you can use an uninstaller applications that can remove the application safely. It has been seen that even if the uninstaller application remove the My Security Shield properly but still many windows files infect due to these kinds of applications that shows malicious tendencies.

After this your system becomes slower and you may also encounter other problems that always need to sort out. To sort out the problems with your system you can use Windows Registry Repair. It is a simple, easy to install and easy to use application that will scan all the computer drives and rectifies all the errors present in Windows OS based PC. After that you can remove all the found errors with just clicking the Fix button.

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